Hand-Painted Linen

Pedestal Tote: hand-painted linen, hand-burnished leather

Custom made to-measure:

Size range: 14 x 11 x 5" - 19 x 13 x 8":  A separating zipper detaches two flaps at the top of the tote to provide an unobstructed view of your gear. We’ll make your colorfast, stain and water repellant linen and leather tote with natural or tannery-colored leather trim.

Our hand-painted linen and hand-burnished leather bags are 30% lighter weight than our all-leather bags. 

We build a flexible panel into the base of the Pedestal Tote to make it as stable and easily organized as our top loading travelers’ briefcase styles. Kari’s interchangeable, modular organizers and kits make them as versatile as well.

When you talk with us via a Zoom® video call, we’ll help you determine the dimensions to make your tote to accommodate the assortment of garments and gear you carry. We mix to-order the linen color you specify and hand-paint the linen portions of your bags.

Following our video call, we invite you to tour our workshop to learn more about how we customize our products and materials for you.


Join us via a video call, and talk with Kari, Myron and Ely about making to-measure and customizing
without extra charge the styles you prefer.

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