Our vegetable-tanned leathers are a by-product of the food chain. They are  tanned for a month in tree bark enzymes. We offer your choice of three standard shades: undyed (natural), tannery-colored espresso leather and tannery-colored black leather. We hand-burnish each skin to enrich the leather's grain. We customize the patterns of the styles you choose to personalize their dimensions and make them with the features you need to mobilize the resources you carry. 

When exposed to UV light, the undyed color of the natural shade quickly darkens to a rich saddle brown hue.

All of our hand-burnished leather styles can be custom made of hand-colored leather, or made with your choice of hand-burnished leather, or hand-colored leather, paired with hand-painted Belgian artist linen. Please visit our workshop, call us, or join us via a Zoom video call to learn more about the many options we offer to customize our products for you.