Our organizers are made of sailcloth and leather. The stretch-proof nature of the mylar sailcloth lightly compresses the contents of the organizers to minimize their movement. Leather trim adds a bit of structure providing Kari the opportunity to refine a system of modular, interchangeable organization that optimizes your bag's performance for the variety of uses you have for it.

Correspondingly, the advantage of making your bag to-measure eliminates the temptation to settle for a bag larger or smaller than you need. When you join us via a Zoom® video calland tell us the ways you use your bag and the variety of contents you carry, we will make the style you prefer exactly the size you need. And that allows us to make your organizers the size and configuration that fits and works exactly right in your multi-use, custom made bag.

Following our video call, we invite you to tour our workshop to learn more about how we customize our products and materials for you.