Travelers’ Face Mask: natural linen

Made to-measure: Children and adult sizes. 
Each mask is shipped with a complementary filter. 

Travelers’ face masks

To assure the quality, comfort and durability of your mask, we make it of a combination of linen, hemp and non-woven materials to combine qualities of breath-ability and durability with a filter sufficiently retentive to capture the virus.

Our new Travelers’ Face Masks are made to-measure for you and shipped with a complementary, disposable, replaceable, melt-blown, charged, electret filter tested to be 98% effective trapping bacteria. Join us via a Zoom® video call, have a tape measure at-hand, and we'll help you to take the measurements we need to adapt our patterns to custom make your mask to-measure for you.

We have stitched an encapsulated copper wire around the perimeter of your mask to allow you to adjust its shape. The lining and cover of the removable, replaceable filter are made of lightweight, organic hemp. The encased filter is cut from charged, melt-blown polypropylene. We make the dimensions of the filter to-measure to correlate with the made to-measure dimensions of your mask.

Shock cords are attached to cord stops that allow you tighten and loosen the fit of your mask. We suggest loosening the cords entirely before removing your mask as well as when putting it on. When you put your mask on, gradually tighten the cords and gently shape the mask to close the gaps between the mask and your face. 

Video call to customize the dimensions and performance of your mask.

The comfortableness of your mask is as important to its effectiveness as the electrostatic charge of its melt-blown polypropylene filter. Join us via Zoom video, have a tape measure at-hand, and we’ll show you the measurements we need to customize the size of your mask to comfortably fit and protect you. During your video call, we can quickly show you how to use the complementary crochet hook we provide to safely remove its filter, and how to disinfect and clean your mask with household ingredients.


Join us via a video call, and talk with Kari, Myron and Ely about making to-measure and customizing
without extra charge the styles you prefer.

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