Pedestal Flapover Bag: hand-burnished leather

Custom made to-measure:

Size range: 12 x 8 x 5" - 15 x 11 x 5": A semi-rigid pedestal built into the base of the bag provides free-standing stability and protects the contents.

Inside the bag, the bottom panel is padded to provide further protection. A ‘grab’ handle is securely attached onto the back panel as an alternative to carrying your bag short distances by its shoulder strap. Tenax® snaps secure the flap. We’ll make your leather shoulder strap the length you require. 

Originally, Kari designed the Pedestal Flapover Bag to carry a Leica® M-System. A padded camera kit organizer is optionally available to protect your camera and lenses. We customize our kits and organizers to complement the configurations of the garments and gear you rely on.

Each Pedestal Flapover Bag is provided with a leather, panel-wide divider to which optional, modular, sailcloth and leather organizers may be attached. For example, if you carry a 16" powerbook and accessories most of the time, and your Leica and lenses some of the time, we'll help you via a Zoom® video call specify the made to-measure dimensions for your bag.

The customized dimensions of your bags along with your organizers allow you to interchange your camera kit with your padded panel organizer to transform your camera bag into your mobile workspace for the days you have planned.

Following our video call, we invite you to tour our workshop to learn more about how we customize our products and materials for you.


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